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About Van Caem Klerks Group

Van Caem Klerks Group is an international trading house that consists of six all-round import and export divisions. Van Caem Liquor is a major player in the liqueur trade. Van Caem Europe is a general trading company in branded non-food consumer goods. Van Caem Sports is an international trading house in fashion and sports products. Van Caem Prestige is a successful wholesaler in the fragrance and cosmetics industry while Van Caem Luxury & Lifestyle supplies a very broad range of brands within the luxury and lifestyle categories. Klerks Fine Wines, founded in 1965 and later acquired by the Group, is the distributor of reference in The Netherlands for the finest selection of the most exclusive wines.

Our field of operations covers the entire world, where we sell branded and non-branded consumer goods. By taking full advantage of international price fluctuations, our companies can offer their clients extremely favourable terms on a host of well-known products.

Since 1980 we have created a worldwide network of buyers and sellers. This consortium of companies provides enormous synergy when it comes to customer relations, knowledge of international trade and logistics.

At Van Caem Klerks Group we are focused on the development of a long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers. In general our client base consists of retail chains, wholesalers and distributors all over the world.